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If you are interested in applying on any open positions, please send your resume along with your portfolio at make sure to use the position you are applying for in the subject line.

Open Positions



  • Effectively work with the team to brainstorm and flesh out the game design for the project

  • Expound and fleshout the ideas into a cohesive game design

  • Write a high level game pitch as well as a fully fleshed-out Game Design Document

  • Work with the rest of the Design team to complete tasks given by the Project Manager/Team Lead

  • Design levels in Unity using editors created by the Programmers.

  • Utilize feedback given by the team and play testers to improve features and design choices

  • Create fun and interesting games based on the ideas shared by the team while providing your own creative input

  • Design UI/UX wireframes that flow smoothly and ensure a comfortable user experience for players


  • Knowledgeable on a lot of video games and video game genres

  • High level of communication skills to articulate design ideas clearly while having a positive attitude

  • Strong grasp on what makes a game interesting and compelling

  • Experienced in making documents using Google Workspace (Docs, Sheets, Drive)

  • High standard when it comes to the quality of games designed

Bonus Points

  • Basic knowledge on the Unity game engine.

  • Experience on shipped game titles.

  • Has experience on working on a game with a team. (Game jams, thesis, free time)

  • Basic knowledge on programs such as Photoshop,, and or Balsamiq.

  • Skilled in Math and Basic Trigonometry.

  • Raised by the internet and has experience on millennial and zoomer humor.

JUNIOR 2D Artist


  • Work together with the 2D Art team to achieve tasks delegated by team lead

  • Create 2D assets required by the project (concept, illustration, UI, pubmats, etc)in the format dictated by the style guide

  • Review and assess own output to ensure cohesiveness with the rest of the team's work

  • Assures maximum productivity by submitting output in a timely manner

  • Contributes thoughts, feedback, and ideas throughout the production

  • Read documents and communicates with other departments to be up to date with the project scope and requirements

  • Ensures proper asset implementation by keeping an eye on the development's testing phase


  • Expert knowledge on Photoshop

  • Strong artistic sense and mastery of drawing and color theory (Illustrative skills)

  • Diverse portfolio showing skill in art adaptability and graphic design (UI/pubmat, general graphic design skills)

  • Excellent attitude and communication skills

  • High standard of quality, provides constructive feedback to ensure standards are met

  • Presents ideas and opinions clearly and constructively

  • Can communicate and work reliably with other departments

Bonus Points

  • Experience on shipped game titles

  • Knowledgable in asset optimization and implementation on Unity

  • Has experience working with an art team of diverse specialization

  • Has experience with animation

  • Mahilig kumain and has Zoomer humor

JUNIOR Game Programmer


  • Requirement analysis, break down, and analyze the Game Design into achievable tasks.

  • Write code that fulfills the features specified in the Game Design.

  • Write code that fulfils the quality standard of the company

  • Produce a working concept or prototype of a game idea using Unity game engine.

  • Identify gaps and potential issues in the Game design.

  • Create and maintain tools to automate and simplify the work as much as possible.

  • Keep code optimized, maintainable and functional.

  • Maintain good and extensive documentation of how to perform the duties and tasks given.

  • Complete tasks based on estimates

  • Report daily to the team

  • Report to the department lead.

  • Bug Correction, identify and resolve bugs found at any step during the product lifecycle and work close with the Quality Assurance.

  • Remain educated and informed about the latest technology relevant to the product being developed.

  • Sensible and easy to understand commits on version control


  • Read, understand, and extend C# scripts

  • Follow company or project's coding conventions

  • Use Unity and its default tools with minimal or no difficulties(UI, particles, scene management, etc.)

  • Can communicate and work reliably with other departments

  • Deep understanding of object oriented principles.

  • Experience with GitHub, Source Tree, 3rd Party SDK's (ads and anayltics) and Unity Web Request.

  • Able to learn new technologies quickly

Bonus Points

  • Knowledgeable about performance optimization in games.

  • Experience working with animation tools (Animate CC, Spine)

  • Habit of making comments on code

  • Can recognize C# design patterns

  • Able to suggest or present ideas

  • Ask questions