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SINAG features three main gameplay mechanics:

Airdash System:

Characters have various movement options, with some being able to air dash. However, this ability is meter-dependent, requiring players to build up Agility (utility) meter through attacking. Airdashing provides additional attack angles and reduces the risk of punishment, enhancing offensive strategies.






























Dual Gauge System:

Players manage two gauges - Agility and Revenge. Agility meter rewards aggressive play, granting access to air dashes, combo extenders, and defensive tools like quick rolls and reversals. Meanwhile, Revenge gauge fills when a character gets hit, leading to powerful Vengeance Strikes. These strikes deal high unscaled damage and can be dash canceled for extended combos.





Revenge Mechanism:

Revenge gauge fuels devastating Vengeance Strikes, akin to comeback mechanics from other fighting games. It doesn't generate meter for opponents, ensuring no retaliation. Each character utilizes Revenge differently; for instance, Bugan enhances damage with his special follow-ups, while Mara't Clara alters attack properties using Agility meter. Tala, the central character, benefits from her high HP, shield counters, and armor, making her a potent force in the game.


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